Blennerville and the Tralee Ship Canal, Tralee, Co. Kerry

An old favourite that never gets old…

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Tralee ship canal and Blennerville windmill
One of my favourite places probably in the whole country to visit would have to be Blennerville and the area near the Tralee Ship Canal, on the outskirts of the county town of Tralee, Co. Kerry. There are spectacular views out the Dingle peninsula toward Mount Brandon, and the majestic beauty of Tralee Bay.

Blennerville was once the port for the town of Tralee in the 19th century, and in addition to handling shipping requirements for the area (both import/export of goods and the emigration of people from 19th-century Tralee and its environs) this small village was where many ships were built over the years, including the tall ship the Jeanie Johnston. (Sidenote: when the replica famine ship was being built in Blennerville about 10 years ago, locals were taking bets as to how far out of Fenit she would get before she sank, given who from the locality…

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